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Woow…Blog Dalam Edublogs Mencapai 100 000 orang!

Posted by ilmu on 29 April 2008

100,000 edublogs

Posted by James on Tuesday, October 2nd 2007   

What more can I say, last week we passed 100,000 edublogs and we’re extremely happy about it :)

CC Mohanmon

Well, OK, I can say a bit more, in fact we’ve currently got more like 103,000 blogs, separated over four sites (63K on edublogs.org and 39K spread across the student sites).

In September at edublogs.org alone we racked up 268,638 unique visitors, who dropped by 904,053 times enjoying 13,701,840 page views while sucking up almost 500Gig bandwidth.


And to add to that we picked another new webserver, introduced upgrades, synced up with your webmail for invites and generally had a very busy time of it.

And October is going to be just as fun – we think you’re really going to like some of the things we’ve got planned.

So thanks for being part of our first 100K… and happy edublogging!

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